ZipChart® is the Paperless EMR designed by physicians FOR physicians.

Focus on your Patients not your charting tools

Electronic Medical/Health Records software is changing the face of medicine. Every year more physicians and their staff convert to digital records, but the conversion and change in office workflow is not without risk. From the cost of an EMR system, to the time involved learning a new process, converting your office to a paperless digital office is a big decision.

What makes ZipChart® different than all the other EMR programs you have already (or will) look at?

ZipChart® EMR is an easy to use, yet powerful EMR built on web technology and designed for the tablet PC. The ability to customize ZipChart at both the practice and individual provider levels, with simple point and click functions, makes ZipChart® the intuitive EMR designed for the way physicians practice.

ZipChart® has a philosophy that if the most expensive person in the office (the provider) is doing the clerical work, the records system is costing you money.

We have a streamlined system that allows the physician to see the same, and more likely more patients during a clinical day.

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