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ZipChart® - Features

Passive Charge Capture

ZipChart passively captures CPT (and HCPC) codes and all office charges for each patient encounter. With ZipChart's unique customization, all the physician's usual CPT codes are added to the orders menus. These CPT charges for orders generated in the office are automatically added to the electronic charge sheet, eliminating the need for a paper charge sheet.

ZipChart includes the entire set of ICD-10 codes in an easily searchable database.

Complete Billing Reports
Billing reports can be printed at the end of the day and entered into your Patient Management System. If your PMS has the capability to accept standard HL7 messages, charges may be automatically exported (with one click) to select Patient Management systems using the ZipChart HL7 interface, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

* CPT codes are copyrighted by the American Medical Association

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