ZipChart Dermatology specific EMR

Electronic Medical/Health Records software is changing the face of medicine. Every year more physicians and their staff convert to digital records, but the conversion and change in office workflow is not without risk. From the cost of an EMR system, to the time involved to get up to speed, converting your office to a paperless digital office is a big decision.

6 Design Criteria for ZipChart EMR for Dermatology

  • Dermatology Specific - ZipChart is designed for the unique requirements and high patient volumes typically seen by dermatology specialists. We offer the most flexible EMR solution, customized to meet the individual providers needs.

    Providers have the ability to create individualized templates or work with standard templates. The ability to customize ZipChart at both the practice and individual provider levels, with simple point and click functions, makes ZipChart the intuitive EMR designed for the way physicians practice.

    Physicians can continue to use their existing forms they are already familiar with. This feature allows dermatologists using ZipChart to significantly decrease their documentation workload, streamline the workflow within their practice and have an immediate positive impact on their bottom line. Patient chart accuracy and security is ensured while still allowing nearly immediate secure access to any chart.

  • 100% Web Server Based
    No client software is needed. Because the ZipChart software is housed on the web server, if you are able to read this you already have everything you need to access all your patient's charts securely from anywhere in the world.

  • Optimized for Tablet PC
    ZipChart works on desktops and laptops, but it is optimized for Tablet PC's. With the Tablet PC portable design, there is no need to have work stations in every exam room. The Tabletop's vertically oriented screen is very much like a paper chart. ZipChart doesn't require a great deal of typing skills, in fact most all functions are accomplished with the click of the Tablet PC's stylus.

  • Faster Than a Paper Chart
    ZipChart had to be faster than paper, or what was the point? Medical offices generate income by seeing patients, not from tracking down, retrieving, filing, and updating patient charts. With ZipChart, you never need to find or file a patient chart. To send a patient's complete record to another medical practitioner, all you have to do is click, the chart is either emailed (will full encryption) faxed, or handed directly to the patient.

  • 100% Paperless
    You might wonder how this is possible. In a medical office there are always paper reports, referrals, transcriptions, and notes to add to the chart. That was true before ZipChart. Now all documents are either scanned into the chart via the included high speed document & card scanners, or capturedautomatically as they are faxed into your office. These documents are converted to PDFs and then easily attached to your patients' chart.

  • Minimize Practice Impact
    As we have already stated, revenue is generated when physicians are seeing patients, so the goal was to keep the physician working with patients and not spending hours training on complicated software.ZipChart issimple to use, and most functions are completed with a click of the mouse or a tap of the Tablet PC's stylus.