Integrated Fax

ZipChart® EMR system is designed to be 100% paperless. But how is that possible in a medical office, considering the volumes of faxes and other documents that are received on a daily basis?

Integrated Fax Server
When the ZipChart server is installed in your office, the fax number for your office is answered by the server. All incoming faxes are converted into PDF* files.

All faxes are easily attached to patient charts, with copies optionally sent to the physician for review and approval.

Junk faxes are easily disposed of and no longer consume valuable office resources beyond the time it takes to click 'DELETE'.

With the integrated fax server, you are also able to send any document from the patient medical record as a fax with just a few clicks. This includes images and even prescriptions to pharmacies.

*PDF (portable document format) is an Adobe Acrobat File