Mailbox communication tool

The mailbox is another area where ZipChart® helps to improve interoffice communication.

Each staff member has their own mailbox. If there is an item in a patients chart, a referral authorization for example, that needs to be reviewed by a person on the staff that handles authorizations, the document would be placed in that staff members mailbox. When the review was complete, the document can be easily removed from their mailbox. Deleting documents from the mailbox does not remove them from a patient's chart, only the link in the mailbox is removed.

There are several tabs in the mailbox:

  • Pending your Approval
    This mailbox tab is where labs, reports or transcriptions, are stored for the physician to review.

  • Personal
    If a staff member were to forward a document for you to review, it would be sent to this mailbox tab.

  • Failed Faxes
    If a fax was sent and was not received, the document would be available here for review, including the option to resend the fax.

  • Missed Dictation
    This mailbox tab is used by the physician as a 'holding area' to remind them to complete dictations of office notes. When a patient encounter is completed, and the patient is being checked out by the provider, they are provided the option of adding this reminder to create their office note at the end of the day.

  • Transcriptions
    This tab is where physicians will be able to work with their dynamically created transcriptions, using the unique and powerful HTML template tools built into ZipChart.

Please keep in mind the mailbox in ZipChart is not an email service.