About ZipChart, Inc.

Document Digitizers

Another component to achieving ZipChart's goal of a 100% paperless office are the two types of document scanners that are part of the ZipChart EMR system.

The first is the medical insurance card scanner. The card scanner rapidly copies both sides of insurance cards, providing a completely readable, full color copy of the patient's insurance card that is easily attached to the patient chart in the insurance section.

The second is a high speed document scanner. This allows any patient related paperwork to be scanned, automatically converted to a PDF* file, and then easily attached to the patient's electronic chart.

Document Management
ZipChart EMR provides full document tracking. Every document in a patient's medical record is tracked from the moment it is created. The document statusshows when the document was created and by whom, as well as tracking every person accessing the document, including the time/date stamp for each access. When a document is changed, the original document is kept on file and remains easily accessible with one click.