Task List Clinical Management System

ZipChart® uses a Task List system that notifies other medical personnel in the office what is next on their list
of assigned procedures to complete. Communication within the office is improved dramatically.

Physicians, still in an exam room talking to a patient, can select an order from their personalized list of orders. Since each task is assigned to a specific member of the medical staff, and the Task List is refreshed every 30 seconds, the staff is already aware of the order before the physician even leaves the exam room. The patient exam room indicators change color when orders are placed, and completed. The color indicator signifyies
what member of the medical staff is due in the patient exam room next.

The ZipChart Task List feature facilitates moving patients through your medical office in a much more efficient manner, without any detrimental effect to their personal attention. The time spent on each patient encounter is naturally reduced with NO reduction in the level of patient care. This gives physicians the ability to see more patients per day and still provide their patients with the highest level of care.

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