Use the calculator below to see what an impact ZipChart can have on your practice's bottom line.
Number of providers: Paper chart cost:

Total patients per clinic per provider: Paper chart storage/destruction cost:

New patients per clinic per provider: Paper chart overhead per visit:

Days of clinic per week per provider: Average collection per patient:

Number of office locations: Increased productivity percentage:

Missed charges percentage:

Initial cost of installation:

Monthly cost per physician:

Per Visit cost for practice:

ROI per physician first year: Initial cost per physician:

ROI for practice first year: Monthly cost per physician:

ROI percentage first year: Average cost per clinic:

ROI per provider subsequent years: Average cost per patient visit:

ROI for practice subsequent years: Average cost per patient:

ROI percentage subsequent years:

Your CURRENT paper charting cost per clinic:

Your CURRENT paper charting monthly cost per physician:

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