The 100% paperless EMR

When designing ZipChart® EMR system it was decided that the EMR had to be faster than a paper chart, or what was the point?

Medical practices generate income by seeing patients; not from tracking down, retrieving, filing, documenting and storing patient charts. ZipChart helps you get out of the document management business and back into patient care. Any EMR that slows down the physician decreases revenue. Conversely, an EMR system that allows you to see more patients in the same time, without the need to add staff, will increase revenue.

So ZipChart was designed to be 100% paperless. But how is that possible in a medical office, considering the volumes of faxes and other documents that are received on a daily basis?

There are a few ways in which this was accomplished, the first is the Integrated Fax Server (please see Integrated Fax) and secondly, by the use of two types of document scanners that are part of the ZipChart EMR system.

With ZipChart you can achieve a 100% paperless office and NEVER waste time, money, or valuable floor space with paper patient charts.