Regulations Regarding Electronic Medical Records

We have, in an effort to make the new regulations more understandable, and easier to digest, created this page to provide links and further information on the different incentive programs and regulations associated with Electronic Medical Records (EMR's).

The first incentive regulations are regarding e-Prescribing: The incentives for e-Prescribing are available starting 2009. For more information on the e-prescribing incentive and regulations please click here.

What does the Stimulus package mean to you and your practice? We have a breakdown of the incentive payments as well as some information for both Medicare & Medicaid providers, please click here.

And after everything that you have already read, do you really need a "certified" EMR to qualify for the stimulus incentive, and if you have a Certified, are you going to be able to use it in a manner that accommodated your practice or do you need to change your practice to meet the programs view of how you should operate your medical office? If you want to read more and find links to the discussions, click here.